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Your ID number and selfie image are required for the verification process to ensure data match with your identifications to avoid fraud.
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Sometimes, I tend to forget to pay the bills when I'm busy. I know it's dangerous. It can damage my reputation in front of the bank and OJK. Meanwhile, I have mortgage plans for this year. The bill payment reminder feature helps me pay my bills on time.

Bill Reminder Notification

Up until now, I had never check my credit score and collectibility status. I didn't understand how they could affect the success level of my loan approval. Honestly, SkorLife is the best and free app to discover my credit score, it changed my life!

Check Credit Score

I just found out that financial reputation is the key to apply for a loan. Luckily, now I can immediately take action and do something to improve my financial reputation in front of Bank Indonesia. Thank you SkorLife for the special tips! It really works!

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